Pontycymer Labour Landslide 2017

Neil Allcock was a last minute entry into the Pontycymer Community Council Election. His motivation was to reverse the Community Council’s decision not to allow him and the Garw Wombles to volunteer maintaining the area between the lakes which are currently being looked after by one man. The Warden has a considerable amount of work to complete and often under resourced. The Labour Community Council stated that they could not afford the Insurance required to cover volunteer work. The Community Council dismissed any Insurance Litter Champions with Keep Wales Tidy would cover. The residents are not allowed to speak with the Community Council directly during Community Council meetings and thus can only listen and never ask questions. Neil took the election opportunity to raise awareness of this issue and propose solutions for other matters affecting the valley. Allcock, single handed, revolutionised the national rail infrastructure business in 2001 and wanted to do the same for local politics and beyond. He wanted Community Council meetings to be aired live via youtube and the meetings opened up for Resident Q&A.


Allcock’s campaign was cheeky and used the Tagline “Real Labour” because he felt that the Community Council should be doing the real labour involved in making the valley a better place and wanted to continue that officially. Allcock used to be a Socialist till he lived in Tanzania as a Volunteer English & IT Teacher and witnessed Communism in action.


Labour’s Glyn Walters made a landslide victory over cocky newcomer #Allcock4Pontycymer‘s Social Media and door to door canvasing campaign proving that trust needs to be earned. Glyn Walter’s is a respected man of the Community and runs the Tennis Club. He also had the support of local MP Chris Elmore, Assembly Member Huw Irranca-Davies, Borough Councillor Rod Shaw, Labour Community Councillors, and the local Labour Party members.

Everyone including online rivals Allcock and Clatworthy shook hands at the Ballot counting and good spirit was felt by all. Glyn Walters is a worthy winner and a good man. Onwards and upwards Pontycymer. Onwards and upwards.

Glyn Walters (Labour) – 339

Neil Allcock (Independent) – 78

Although new to the area Allcock almost doubled Huw Marshall‘s Plaid Cymru vote which perhaps reveals that the valley is ready for an alternative to the existing Parties.

Huw Marshall (Plaid)- 46


Neil “Onkie” Allcock has since started a new Party, The One Party. It is only a Facebook group at the moment and no website. At the time of writing this TheOneParty.co.uk and TheOneParty.org were taken but no website. It may have been a smart move by potential Political opposition to purchase these. In Christianity we are taught to turn the other cheek. OnePartyWales.org was born. The Party of two halves: One half representing the challenges of the Middle Class, and one half representing the challenges of the Lower Class, or the “Working Class” as we are known. “I’m Working Class and proud of it”.

Allcock was fortunate, very fortunate to have been born in the gutter. He’s Council Estate rough;  arrested when he was 11, worked on an Asian Market Stall not long after that, almost a knife fight shortly after that. He left school with nowt and became an Apprentice Hairdresser in Howells in Cardiff. It was a bus and train journey to work every day but worth it. He met all sorts and loved the gay scene in Cardiff. The Tunnel used to be fantastic. He met a Middle Class girl (from Newport) who was doing A Levels and going to University.  All he knew of this world was University Challenge

and films about Public School Toffs….great films

The Working Class had films about them too and they were fantastic. They were called “Kitchen Sink Dramas

Allcock is from Ringland, Newport, next door to Llanwern Steelworks and Llanwern School (previously Hartridge Comprehensive). His father worked as a Steel fabricator and his Mother was a cleaner in the Steelworks and would call herself a Scrubber because that’s what she did, scrub the floors of Llanwern Steelworks. She still has the scars. Many years later he was sweeping them, and then with pick and shovel in the Coke Ovens cleaning them out. He did this work and others during Uni and holidays and has done all sorts of jobs: Pizza Chef, Short Order Chef, Kitchen Porter, Milkman, Labourer, Kitchen Porter, Marquee Erector, Factory Worker, Shop Assistant, PCB Assembler, Delivery Driver, Driver, Data Entry, Office Work, Shop Assistant, Assistant Librarian, Video Store Clerk, Administrative Assistant, Contract Manager, Performance Manager, Project Manager, IT Support, DJ, English & IT Teacher (TEFL/Adult Education), Website Creator/Admin. He is a Disagreeable Giver.

Education was free in those days so he went to college and did GCSE’s, A Levels, and then went to University and studied Philosophy, Linguistics and Sociology. Then a Masters in Information Studies with the intention of becoming a Librarian. He never did but entered the Railway business.
He revolutionised the UK’s Infrastructure Railway when he created Infrabase which was the Prototype for NROL. He was a Contract Manger at the time and developed Infrabase in his spare time. It looked like Word but was in Excel with a lot of VBA programming behind it.

Once he knew where the information was he could retrieve it for analysis. The Infrastructure Railways went from being able to plan a month ahead to over two years ahead, and all resources were utilised. Better planning led to improved performance, more trains, and less contractual penalties for everyone.

Allcock then entered IT in a support role “Turn it on. Turn it off” to understand IT, and worked in a variety of organisations: Banking, Government, Housing, Charity and Auctions, and then the Railway again at the end of his IT career; GB Railfreight and Colas Rail. He’s been around the block.

He recently returned from Tanzania, where he was a Volunteer English & IT teacher, and discovered how hard it is to find a place to live if you are unemployed, even you can pay in advance. He ended up homeless but only for three weeks till he found a place to live in Pontycymer where he set up this .org. He wanted to achieve something positive. We are so fortunate and have so much and take it for granted.
One of his accomplishments in Tanzania was to get 20 Trainees fed every day and not every other day. The Trainees worked for free for 6 months, and had to buy their own uniforms that some had to clean them each day because they only had one uniform. The Trainees were working in a Hotel, a “Vocational Training Centre“. Tanzania is a Socialist Country, a Nationalist Socialist country. To gain a Primary School you first have to learn Swahili, then to gain a Junior School Education you have to learn English. There is a Class system based on Language. Lexism? The wealthy and Middle Class have easy access to Swahili and English and others who don’t often struggle.
There is a fear that Wales is going the same way, it is already. Many Welsh Generation X and Boomers didn’t have access to Welsh lessons and are Monolingual unlike the privileged Bi-Lingual Millennial, so don’t have access to jobs that list the ability to speak Welsh as Desirable and in some cases Essential.

Wales is small enough for One Party. Allcock did what he did for the UK’s railway and he’s sure if we put our heads together we can sort out the rest. We don’t have to do the same things the same way we have always done them.

We can carve our own future.

We can build our own future.

We can grow our own future.

We can be our future.

The Welsh can be lazy gits (perhaps as a result of living under Socialism for too long) but when a job needs to be done we get it done and we can get this done.





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