Kevin Sinnott: Reflections on a life in painting

On Sunday December 3rd 2017 Kevin Sinnott will be hosting his third exhibition at Studio 18 which will coincide with his 70th Birthday. Titled “Reflecting on a life in painting” the exhibition gives the public the opportunity to view Kevin’s developing style, from his pre-college years to his later work in oils which launched his career.

A major part of the exhibition will include “The Post Office years”: twenty six egg tempura and dry pastels from his early life working as a Postman in East London.
Beautiful deconstructions.

The National Gallery of Wales’ most loved painting ‘Running Away with the Hairdresser’ will also feature throughout the duration of the exhibition together with “Running Away” and other variations. This will be a special and unique experience for art lovers and fans of Kevin’s work who, for the first time, will be able to compare the Study with a completed Masterpiece.


Kevin’s new large oil paintings are beautifully vibrant, full of motion and emotion, are joyous and full of optimism and perhaps reveals where he is now, where he has always has been.

Over the past few weeks Kevin has been working hard putting the exhibition together hanging and rehanging his work, some have only stayed a few days, and then replaced by others that better tell the story of Kevin’s career.

As if that is not enough Kevin recently did a Watercolour for Llamau to auction and raise funds to help homeless young people and vulnerable women in Wales.

from 3rd December

to February 11th 2018.

Studio 18 is open

2pm – 5pm Thursday and Friday

10am – 2pm Saturday

18 Oxford St,

Garw Valley

For a more detailed history Kevin Sinnott please
visit Martin Tinney Gallery.

Kevin Sinnott has been exhibited all around the world
and now his gallery in Pontycymer.



Local photographer Tim Dobbs at the beginning



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